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Chi Spa Experience at Shangri-La Hotel Fiji

Time for some special relaxing time

After all that bike riding at Eco Trax we decided to indulge in a little spa treatment reception area So at Shangri-La Chi Spa they have this trwatment called Dusk till Dawn, you get a massage treatment at dusk, in your own private bungalow, served dinner there, you stay the night and then in the morning after breakfast you get a facial and you are on your way again :-) So this is the pathway to our private bungalowwelcome attire for the dusk treatment steam room, with outside shower next to it love an outdoor shower the room set up for a massage for 2, and that is the back of the bed headboard, so from your bed you look outside over the lagoon reception area Jacqui consulting the menu tranquil we wait while they prepare everything first a bathas the sun sets then a body scrub after body scrub, quick shower and steam room before massage skipped photos of massage and our private dinner afterwards to breakfast in the morning what an experience, and don;t the look of this guys face, we are both smiling and re energised

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