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Ecotrax Cuvu, Fiji

Riding the old sugar cane tracks on electric bikes

Just outside of our hotel, there is a new activity.  Riding the old sugar cane track on a electric powered bike, so you can cycle or cruise. After a quick intro and safety briefing ( there will be cows and horses on the tracks )  we are ready to go  keen and off we go  no roads or cars to worry about instead lots of nature  first of 9 bridges we cross, I'm calling this the Yanuca river, because it flows into the lagoon with Yanuca Island on we go  past the accountants office closed for business today we were warned about the cows friendlies exposed to the elements Navoso beach big lagoon, great for snorkelling this looks more like Australian landscape than Fiji, with these horses, but, they actually do have a lot of horses in Fiji, we just only see them on the tourist beaches  mother and child very exposed cow patch first village local they are used to the Eco Bike trackers coming past now picking up some fresh produce for our little beach pic nic and then we stop at this great little beach, spot the photographer Jacqui has a new toy how is that tree surviving on a clump of rock that is surrounded by salt water on high tide pretty spot and then I went for a snorkel in there more locals hermit crabs a bigger one time to head back I'm sure I'll come here again past the villages  Never seen a cow with a tropical lagoon in the background before into the tunnel of love stop to check the view Namuka Resort, off the beaten track last stretch through the forest and past the accountants office :-) So I highly recommend this little adventure, you really get to see another side of Fiji Check out their website for more details

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