Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Dubai > Brussels EK183 Lake Urmia Iran

For the most I'm just going to shut up so you can just see the photos, all lake Urmia unless stated otherwise

salt plant of the village ofFesenduz let the feast begin town of Urmia on theleft hand side of the plane And I just keep goign back to look at these photos Who is going to sponsor me to do a big photo exhibition with these images ? Here is pretty much the same flight , this time last year, again some great shots, but the air wasn't as clear, so this flight, the photos have so much more clarity, check it out Beginning of Lake Van, Turkeyand Erceck lake in foregroundVan Erceck,Karagndz Mahallesi Lim Island Lake Van Mt Ararat Ayd?nlar Lake Van Still and Volcanic lake, Nemrut Dagi, flew past here about 6months ago, covered in snow and then the clouds set in as we get closer to Europe clearing again over the Black sea Cape Kaliakra Europe Germany BA overhead and Belgium landing

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