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Brussels > Florence drive through the Swiss Alps

Nothing wrong with a 13 hour car drive after 21 hours flying :-)

After 28 or 30 hours enroute form Australia to Brussels, I arrive dint he early afternoon, got my car, went to Wim & Hilda's , had a coffee and hit the road again. Needed to get to Florence, 13 hour drive, was not going to be able to do it all in the one go, so I stopped in the Alps, in Switzerland, pick a small road on the gps and drove up it, then had a 4-5 hour snooze in the car, to wake up to this end of the road view from my bedroom window :-) was hoping for a nice sunny day so I could get some awesome sunrise shots in the Alps, not today shed next to where I parked for the night branches from Pine trees that will be used to stack and dry tall grass for winter heading back down to the highway detail everywhere you look there's a creek and or waterfall character more water great hiking country sun is burning off the clouds and I can see some sunlight sheer cliff face old stone bridge just of the main road woauw, rays of sunlight beaming above, over the valley opted to stay off the highway and took one of the smaller roads, going to the Gotthard Pass little island still ot of snow around mini lake reflections near Gotthard Pass detail and then another smaller road of the small road, now this looks like an old road, and in winter, this area is impossible to get to by car made it to the Pass heading back down My Bros would love to hit that road on his motorbike I'm sure I'll stick to a car Swiss engineering looking towards Italy and off to Florence now

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