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Dubai > Brussels EK183 Flying over Iran

This is one of thebest flights in a long time

ready to leave Dubai this really is becoming a busy airport 2 of the many A380's ready to go Deira Al Waheda Deira Islands Kharg Island, Iran Bandar Deylam, Bushehr Province. Bandar Deylam is a port city in and capital of Deylam County, Bushehr Province, Iran Dena mountains in the distance Dej Soleiman MountainThe detail is amazing, this is turning out to be a spectacular flight, as the air quality is so good , it is giving me photos with a lot of clarity, as opposed to that haze Aghajari Khuzestan Province Iran. Aghajari is a city in and the capital of Central District, in Aghajari County, Khuzestangreen line in the arideness provided by the Marun River Jolaki on the Marun River,Joulaki is a village in Sar Joulaki Rural District, Joulaki District, Aghajari County, Khuzestan Province, Iranjust incredible the details I am picking up see-ing these photos here, so small , doesn't really do them much justice it just better the cracks in the mountain top Meydavoud look at that shape, you'd think you found some mega fossil, and then range of mountains in the background This really needs to be a photo exhibtionmincredible Big city of Izeh, next to Shatt -i- Mangaruneven plateau, and you can see the little villages dotted around the place Carun or Karoun river , adding a nice touch of bluesnow on top stillwoauw Carun Dam America has the Grand Canyon, Iran has the Carun river running through this mountain range still am feeling so lucky with the clarity today woauw snow on top still and it is past springtime room with a view I'm trying to keep track of where I am more Canyons fly over more green Big town roughly where i am now we really are getting into some farmland so much we don;t know about Iran Saqqez Dam Miandoab is a city in and the capital of Miandoab County, West Azerbaija ok, that's a lot of photos to digest, and now, the cream on the cherry pie on this flight is in the next post, Lake Urmia

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