Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > Dubai QF 01

Heading to Dubai to then head to Belgium

couple of days in Sydney and off again Scored first class, only downside with that is on take off, just sitting too far from window, so got a shot of the big tv screen in front of me, showing the on board camera Lake Woronora the outer 'burbs, guessing near Campeltown busting through the clouds outback NSW winter days means very early sunset bits of rain dusting some rain colour in the middle red sand underneath northern territory now amazing landscape and red sands love it salt pans not long to go before it is dark and I can go to sleep :-) woauw, these mountain ranges, south of Alice and just after sunset about 30 min later, can't tell in this photo, but that is a long line of bush fire in the outback Then it was sleep for the next 8 hours or so before getting to Dubai at midnightsatellite pic leaving Australia and heading to Dubai approach to Dubai and the whole flight track form flightaware

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