Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Trails Around Camping Zuriza

If I had more time I would have gone a trail walk

DIO_1896SonnyphotosAwesome spot DIO_1894Sonnyphotoswould love to cross the creek here and go a wander DIO_1901Sonnyphotospretty sure I just sosomething move near that big boulder DIO_1900Sonnyphotoszoom in, yes, looks like deer DIO_1906Sonnyphotosso many awesome vistas DIO_1910Sonnyphotosand lots of fresh water DIO_1914Sonnyphotoslike a rocky version of Austria when we were there ( Austrian Alpine Walk ) DIO_1918Sonnyphotos DIO_1921Sonnyphotos DIO_1924Sonnyphotos DIO_1928Sonnyphotosspotted this older couple foraging in between the trees, wondering what they were doing DIO_1925Sonnyphotosthere's your answer DIO_1933Sonnyphotosok, time to hit the road again DIO_1935Sonnyphotosand leave the Pyrenees behind DIO_1938Sonnyphotosnarrow roads though the gorges DIO_1941Sonnyphotosvery rocky DIO_1946Sonnyphotoswith plenty of crystal clear swimming holes DIO_1947Sonnyphotosfollowing the creek down DIO_1952Sonnyphotoshard to tell, but there was colour in those clouds DIO_1953Sonnyphotosroad and creek must pass through here DIO_1958Sonnyphotoscan see the creek but not the road, it is there DIO_1961Sonnyphotoslots of eagles around as well, spring time DIO_1963Sonnyphotosall of a sudden you pop out of the gorge into farm land DIO_1966SonnyphotosBye to the Pyrenees, you are a wonder to the eyes

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