Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Mallos Riglos & Embalse de la Sotonera

Clearly, it is worth spending more time in Spain

DIO_1978SonnyphotosJut cruising along my little road south, as opposed to speeding along highways, and I spot this DIO_1979Sonnyphotospretty cool DIO_1980Sonnyphotoscan't help but visualize a styled shoot DIO_1982Sonnyphotos DIO_1986Sonnyphotosamazing countryside DIO_1987Sonnyphotos DIO_1989Sonnyphotosyou see a lot of poppies growing along the road in Belgium in the fields DIO_1991Sonnyphotosdid not expect to see them in Spain DIO_1998Sonnyphotosand then all those creeks end up in a dammed lake DIO_1999Sonnyphotos DIO_2001Sonnyphotosoverlook by an old tower DIO_2002Sonnyphotos DIO_2004Sonnyphotosas you drive along all the smaller country roads, they all have these road markers along the side of the roadDIO_2006Sonnyphotosso it is strange to see one of these when I Parked the car and walked around for a few 100 meters. I guess the damming of the lake decades ago moved the road, but not the markers :-)

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