Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Horses, flowers, lambs and cows on the Spanish side

We enter Spain

DIO_1783Sonnyphotos200 meter from the La Pierre Saint Martin ski resort and you are in Spain DIO_1784Sonnyphotosslowly rolling down the windy road DIO_1785Sonnyphotosbut still a lot of snow around DIO_1786SonnyphotosThat was me on several occasions DIO_1789Sonnyphotosoh look at this  DIO_1792Sonnyphotosfoals DIO_1800Sonnyphotosand parents  DIO_1805Sonnyphotosas you see, just on the side of the road DIO_1814Sonnyphotosspring time  DIO_1815Sonnyphotos:-) DIO_1822Sonnyphotos DIO_1825Sonnyphotosinteresting shapes DIO_1826Sonnyphotosabout to head down into this Larra valley DIO_1827Sonnyphotosso, a glacier use to run though here DIO_1830Sonnyphotosnow just a small creek  DIO_1832Sonnyphotosbeen see-ing lots of these yellow flowers DIO_1833Sonnyphotos DIO_1835Sonnyphotostime for a close up DIO_1837Sonnyphotosnice, purple flower growing among the yellow ones DIO_1846Sonnyphotosstill a bit of dew on these flowers DIO_1851Sonnyphotos DIO_1853Sonnyphotosthe creeks are so clear DIO_1855Sonnyphotosand there is a fish in there, it just went and hid under the rock, I kid you not DIO_1857Sonnyphotos DIO_1861Sonnyphotosjust cruising on the road to camping Zuriza and I'm stopped again DIO_1864Sonnyphotoswith odd black sheep  DIO_1867Sonnyphotosyeah DIO_1870Sonnyphotoswhat you looking at DIO_1871Sonnyphotosoff they go, but I had to drive through them as they're heading same way as me DIO_1879Sonnyphotostrying to get a name of this mountain, not sure, Valle De Taxeras DIO_1880Sonnyphotosawesome, the ridge line on itDIO_1882Sonnyphotos DIO_1886Sonnyphotoshello DIO_1891Sonnyphotosso this is as far as the road takes me , but looks like there are plenty of hiking trails up there

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