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Awesome Drive from Issor through the Pyrenees up La Pierre Saint Martin Ski Resort

Ignoring my GPS using map and picking out the smallest and narrowest road can be rewarding

DIO_1703SonnyphotosBefore setting off form the B&B at Issor, just had to take another photo of the Fern Hill DIO_1705Sonnyphotosjust all ferns, amazing DIO_1707Sonnyphotoswith a little path through it, if I was here for a little longer, would have done some walks around here and no doubt walked along that track DIO_1710Sonnyphotosmist slowly lifting DIO_1712Sonnyphotosand can see the real Pyrenees covered in snow in the distance DIO_1715Sonnyphotoswhat a view DIO_1719Sonnyphotosas I leave the B&B and head down to Issor a look back at where I stayed last night DIO_1720Sonnyphotosand from the road DIO_1725Sonnyphotosbeing in the mountains, lots of creeks around DIO_1728SonnyphotosI ignore the GPS directions and exit onto a smaller road, still heading to Spain, will be going through that gap up ahead DIO_1735Sonnyphotosthen looking back from where I came DIO_1736Sonnyphotossteep drop off from the side of the road DIO_1737SonnyphotosThe road so small, it is in parts just one lane, and very curvy DIO_1742SonnyphotosI'm stopping every 400 meters just about as there are just so many beautiful vistas DIO_1743Sonnyphotosand then the moss and greenery in the valleys DIO_1744Sonnyphotosawesome DIO_1746Sonnyphotosdetail DIO_1756Sonnyphotoswith crystal clear creek running underneath DIO_1758Sonnyphotosclimbing a lot higher, and snow capped Pyrenees all around me now, exciting DIO_1762Sonnyphotoslooking back, and that is France covered in cloud DIO_1766Sonnyphotoscan just see the road I came up on the bottom of photo DIO_1768Sonnyphotostree line disappearing and I arrive at the LA Pierre Saint Martin Ski resort DIO_1770Sonnyphotoswould be a totally different scene in winter time DIO_1772Sonnyphotosthere are the usual big apartment style accommodations at this ski resort, but also hundreds of little chalets, looks inviting ( as long as there is enough wood for the open fire inside :-) DIO_1773Sonnyphotos DIO_1774Sonnyphotosand still a lot of patches of snow lying around everywhere DIO_1775Sonnyphotoslooking towards France DIO_1776Sonnyphotosthat would be the top of the hill to ski down from DIO_1777SonnyphotosI can see myself having some fun up here DIO_1780Sonnyphotosnext ski holiday ? DIO_1781Sonnyphotosand then as you drive out of La Pierre Saint Martin, 200 meters down the road and you are in Spain

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