Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


After a days drive I end up In Issor, France

a little village in the south lying in the Pyrenees

DIO_1650Sonnyphotos800km from St.Malo ( would be just over 600 if I just stuck to the highways- but had no desire to just do highway ) and this is the view tht greets me when I walk into the bedroom at the B&B I just checked in at. DIO_1652SonnyphotosIt's at the top of a hill overlooking the village below, by the way, that green hill just underneath that looks like a green hill of grass for cows, is actually ferns, all standing nearly a meter tall. I wondered why the farmer ( yes the owner is a farmer ) is growing ferns when he has cows and pigs that he is raising. Turns out he cuts it down in autumn to use as bedding for the cows and pigs during winter, then in spring he will clean out all the bedding and mulch it into his fields where he grows the grass/grains for the cows to feed in summer DIO_1654Sonnyphotoson the farm DIO_1656Sonnyphotosold school DIO_1657Sonnyphotoslast rays of light through the mountain tops DIO_1666Sonnyphotosafter a good quite country rest I wake up in the morning hoping for a spectacular sunrise, instead it is for and mistDIO_1668Sonnyphotosbut it still makes for a great photo DIO_1670Sonnyphotossome still life around the farm DIO_1673Sonnyphotos DIO_1676Sonnyphotoslot so flowers around DIO_1677Sonnyphotos DIO_1678Sonnyphotos DIO_1681Sonnyphotos DIO_1683Sonnyphotos DIO_1684Sonnyphotos DIO_1688Sonnyphotosand the ferns DIO_1693Sonnyphotos DIO_1697Sonnyphotos DIO_1698Sonnyphotos DIO_1700Sonnyphotosok, breakfast and then it is off the Spain

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