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Portsmouth Ferry Crossing to St. Malo

But first a visit to Portchester Castle

DIO_1576SonnyphotosMy ferry to St. Malo is not till later this evening ( check in at 7pm ish ) and after my drive through the country side down form Newbridge, I still had quite a few hours spare DIO_1577Sonnyphotosso lucky for me, just next to Portsmouth ( that's Portsmouth in the background of the photo ) is Portchester Castle, a castle built within an old Roman fort, again quite some fascinating history ( read a little of it here ) DIO_1581SonnyphotosView from the top of the Keep which was used as a prison in 1800's ( french soldiers ) DIO_1585Sonnyphotos DIO_1586SonnyphotosHappy I got to spend sometime here DIO_1593Sonnyphotosnow on the ferry, view from my room DIO_1595Sonnyphotosgot myself a nice berth with I don;t know why 3 single beds ? DIO_1597Sonnyphotosview from top deck, yes, it is a summer day, and I only got t-shirts packed me DIO_1598Sonnyphotosgetting ready to pull back DIO_1603Sonnyphotosand we are off to FranceDIO_1605Sonnyphotosquite a large naval yard at Portsmouth DIO_1607Sonnyphotosthis one looks pretty new DIO_1611Sonnyphotosand this looks like a classic, had I known that was there I would have tried to make sometime to see this as well as the Castle DIO_1621Sonnyphotosnow that house stands out DIO_1623Sonnyphotosmini Burj in Portsmouth, odd, and it is owned by Emirates DIO_1625Sonnyphotossailing past Portsmouth fortifications DIO_1627SonnyphotosIsle of Wight just of Portsmouth DIO_1632SonnyphotosPortsmouth in the distance now and getting dark DIO_1636SonnyphotosHelipad in case of emergencies DIO_1640Sonnyphotosnorth sea traffic DIO_1645Sonnyphotosguess we are faster than that one DIO_1647SonnyphotosIsle of Wight DIO_1629Sonnyphotosdarkness sets on the north sea, wouldn't mind see-ing this printed up large

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