Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > Dubai QF01

Heading off back to the northern hemispehere, a bit earlier than normal due to a special project in the English country side

MAC_7399sonnyphotosA380 just pulled out of the gate and 747 pulling in MAC_7401sonnyphotos747 cockpit MAC_7404sonnyphotos380 off to LA MAC_7410sonnyphotosnow time for the 747 to go MAC_7415sonnyphotoslike taking the dog for a walk :-) MAC_7419sonnyphotosoff to Asia this one MAC_7427sonnyphotos380 off to LA MAC_7428sonnyphotosempty gate now MAC_7433sonnyphotosbut here comes the next 380 MAC_7444sonnyphotospullin up to the gate MAC_7445sonnyphotosthis will be me off to Dubai MAC_7449sonnyphotosfuel er up Scotty MAC_7451sonnyphotosLooking forward to sunset shots on this one, but then at the gate I got upgraded, no complaints there, better seat, but not a window seat, and we ended up sitting on the tarmac for a good hour queuing for take off, was only one runway operating because the howling westerly wind, so by the time we took off, sunset had already happened, so was a night flight, where I fully enjoyed my upgrade and had a great sleep after meal

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