Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Dubai > Brussels QF8183

After arriving over an hour late from Sydney, I spent the wee early hours of the morning livin' large in the Emirates lounge

MAC_7452sonnyphotosThen in the morning, it's off again MAC_7455sonnyphotosbut I am super annoyed at Emirates right now, wtf is up with all this shit on my window. "s Gonna be a bad flight as far as photos go, after already no photos from flight form Sydney and now this, will try my best to squeeze lens under all that crap MAC_7457sonnyphotosTake off, Al Wuheida MAC_7459sonnyphotosDeira Islands MAC_7460sonnyphotoslast bit of UAE MAC_7463sonnyphotosFlying over Iran MAC_7468sonnyphotosnot sure where exactly MAC_7470sonnyphotosbut according to flight path MAC_7471sonnyphotoslots of big clouds in the middle east today MAC_7474sonnyphotos MAC_7477sonnyphotos MAC_7478sonnyphotos MAC_7482sonnyphotos MAC_7485sonnyphotos MAC_7487sonnyphotosand more snow MAC_7488sonnyphotosjust north of Istanbul MAC_7492sonnyphotoscoming close to Germany now MAC_7493sonnyphotossomewhere in Germany MAC_7495sonnyphotosX marks the spot MAC_7497sonnyphotosmore clouds MAC_7500sonnyphotosthat means getting closer to Belgium :-)

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