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Off to Woodstock

Woodstock, Oxford England, not upstate New York

MAC_7508sonnyphotosAfter not even 15 hours in Belgium, it's off again, tired but excited. Thought I'd try something different and use the car ferry as opposed to the tunnel crossing. Buying tickets for tunnel crossing I found so annoying, and weird thing is, the longer you stay in UK, 2 days 3 days 4 days, whatever, the more expensive the ticket gets ( great for tourism, not ) So car ferry it is , and a nice sail across from Calais DoverWoodstockThen, not listening to my GPS, as it keep ssuggesting to via the M25 around London I plan my own route as I want to see something different MAC_7510sonnyphotosalthough this, just out of Dover, near Sandgate MAC_7511sonnyphotosreminds me a lot of the Belgium coastline MAC_7512sonnyphotosand French coastline around Calais MAC_7518sonnyphotosAfter a long drive, ( I took my time absorbing all the scenery, but kept driving and forgot to shoot ) I check into my hotel for the next 2 nights, a cute hotel in 14th century building in a little town called Woodstock, near Oxford MAC_7520sonnyphotosspacious set up MAC_7526sonnyphotosThe streets around the village MAC_7528sonnyphotosfrom my hotel it is a short 10min walk to Blenheim palace, where I will be working tomorrow, my first glimpse of the palace and its massive gardens MAC_7530sonnyphotosnice. So am here to do a location check with the editors from Harpers Bazaar singapore and the production people for the Dior Cruise show MAC_7532sonnyphotoswalking back to my hotel, cute MAC_7535sonnyphotoslove the curved window MAC_7537sonnyphotosand check the curve on this MAC_7538sonnyphotos P.S. Update, this was happening in a backyard around the corner somewhere spewing I wasn't there

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