Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


After the show off to Portsmouth

Once I finished late last night, I drove 30 min to check into another hotel

DIO_1561SonnyphotosCute 16th century building ( or was it 14th ) on the banks off the River Thames DIO_1564SonnyphotosRight next to the Newbridge DIO_1565SonnyphotosA bridge built in the 14th century, apparently the oldest structure crossing the Thames. Built by monks using Taynton stone on the order of King John so as to improve communications between the wool towns in the south of England and the Cotswold farms. During the English civil war in 1644, the battle of NEwbridge was fought on the banks of the river. Parliamentarian William Waller attempted to cross inorder to surround Oxford and capture King Charles, but was defeated Love me a bit of history when ever I stay somewhere I had not been before, or even when I stay somewhere I been before either way, love a bit of historyDIO_1566SonnyphotosMy room upstairs DIO_1568Sonnyphotosview from the beer garden of Rose Revived DIO_1569SonnyphotosMoss on the trees on the banks of the River Thames DIO_1575SonnyphotosI'm actually loving driving through the English Countryside on my way to Portsmouth, I avoided all the highways, and took little country roads, so I could stumble upon little gems like this

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