Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Meet Laura Enever

Was a pleasure to shoot some photos of Laura.

MAC_1095sonnyphotossure, she looks cute and all B0F_0705sonnyphotosbut don't be fooled MAC_0895sonnyphotosThis girl does not hold back MAC_0907sonnyphotosLaura will be the one sitting deep on the insideMAC_0877sonnyphotosready to take the big drop and charge down the line MAC_0882sonnyphotosand then execute a perfect vert reo MAC_0912sonnyphotosif you don't believe me MAC_1029sonnyphotosgoogle her name and check some videos of her surfing, especially at Tavarua, Fiji MAC_0972sonnyphotosshe's a charger MAC_1164sonnyphotos MAC_0846sonnyphotos MAC_0842sonnyphotos MAC_1200sonnyphotos B0F_0745sonnyphotos B0F_0784sonnyphotos MAC_0851sonnyphotos B0F_0802sonnyphotos B0F_0803sonnyphotos MAC_0855sonnyphotos B0F_0818sonnyphotos B0F_0838sonnyphotos B0F_0850sonnyphotos B0F_0854sonnyphotos

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