Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Barcelona > Genoa By Ferry

As opposed to driving another 12 hours or so, I decided to take an 19 hour car ferry instead

SON_2063Sonnyphotoswaiting to board, and been waiting for 2 hours now, plus the 90 min I came before boarding time as indicated on the ticket, so far, not impressed. But it was not their fault it turns out it was a spanish port authority last minute emergency services check, taking a few hour to complete SON_2066SonnyphotosFinally boarding SON_2069Sonnyphotosand we're off SON_2070Sonnyphotospast the luxury cruise boats ( well, can yours take a car, no, mine can and it's downstairs :-) SON_2071SonnyphotosBarcelona SON_2075Sonnyphotosbet you the rooms are waaay better than on this car ferry SON_2081Sonnyphotoslong port SON_2082Sonnyphotosand finally turning out to sea SON_2083Sonnyphotosbreakwall, port, airport SON_2089Sonnyphotosright under flight path, check the condensation around the wings SON_2090SonnyphotosEmirates A380 SON_2098Sonnyphotosheading out to sea now SON_2099Sonnyphotospast the containers waiting to load up SON_2100SonnyphotosSpain in the distance SON_2105Sonnyphotosslowly turning SON_2106Sonnyphotoscan still make out Barcelona SON_2111Sonnyphotosand now we are turning SON_2112Sonnyphotosheading east SON_2116Sonnyphotosleaving the coastline SON_2119Sonnyphotosmy room ( opted for a room with a double bed as opposed to bunk beds ) SON_2120Sonnyphotosview from my room, very nice, I like my view SON_2123Sonnyphotos SON_2124Sonnyphotosa few hours later, a lot of haze out in sea SON_2128Sonnyphotosstill life SON_2130Sonnyphotosa few out here still lapping up the sun SON_2131Sonnyphotosyoung romance SON_2135Sonnyphotosbig upper outdoor deck space SON_2138SonnyphotosTunisians smoking a bit of hash I think SON_2141Sonnyphotos SON_2146Sonnyphotoswind has died right down, calm seas SON_2147Sonnyphotos SON_2152Sonnyphotosthat haze is getting thicker SON_2157Sonnyphotoslike a mist SON_2159Sonnyphotosok, time for dinner

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