Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Barcelona > Genoa By Car Ferry, arriving at Genoa

18 hours later

SON_2164SonnyphotosA few hours out and a sunrise to greet me, yes, the window has a layer of solar tint peeling off. SON_2166Sonnyphotosnice sunrise SON_2167Sonnyphotosstill no coastline SON_2169Sonnyphotosdark seas SON_2180Sonnyphotossun trying to burst through SON_2184Sonnyphotos SON_2185Sonnyphotos SON_2186Sonnyphotoscan see Italy SON_2191Sonnyphotosand then we have Genoa SON_2196Sonnyphotosturnign to the port SON_2198Sonnyphotosboat coming out SON_2205Sonnyphotospolice boat, make sure not immigrants jump off and swim to the beach SON_2217Sonnyphotostug boat to guide us in SON_2220Sonnyphotosinteresting looking boatSON_2219Sonnyphotoszoom in, stealth SON_2226Sonnyphotosguy pops up out the front SON_2229Sonnyphotosand there were two SON_2235Sonnyphotosthrowing line to tug SON_2244Sonnyphotoswhat loony boat SON_2252Sonnyphotoschinese tanker SON_2257Sonnyphotoslooks like that where we will berth SON_2259Sonnyphotoscarbon copy of this boat SON_2261SonnyphotosGenoa not looking the best today

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