Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Genoa to Florence past Alpi Apuane region

Skipping the highway again and opting for the smaller road less travelled

SON_2266SonnyphotosTook a bit to get out of the Genoa cosmopolitan area ( morning traffic ) SON_2267Sonnyphotosonce I did, woauw SON_2268Sonnyphotosstill specks of snow on top is this mountain, snow, in the middle of Italy in June !! SON_2269Sonnyphotosand so many little villages SON_2273Sonnyphotos SON_2281Sonnyphotos SON_2284Sonnyphotosawesome SON_2285Sonnyphotosimagine it in winter time SON_2287SonnyphotosSometimes I hate humans, so lazy and disrespectul to mother nature, Karma is a bitch though SON_2289Sonnyphotos SON_2293SonnyphotosScreen Shot 2016-06-16 at 3.45.51 PMthe route I chose to take SON_2296Sonnyphotosto end up in this nice hotel SON_2298Sonnyphotos:-) and look at the shower, voyeuristic shower SON_2300Sonnyphotosin the old days, you would have these metal rings everywhere so you could tie off your horses, looks like this one was made to tie off your dragon SON_2304Sonnyphotosoff to Fendi exhibtion, my first walk in the streets of Florence only 15 min walk to Pitti Plaza from hotelSON_2308Sonnyphotos SON_2355Sonnyphotosand now walking to RAF SON_2357SonnyphotosI guess this is one of the attractions in Florence SON_2359Sonnyphotosnice mood SON_2360Sonnyphotos

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