Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Javea ( Xabia ) Spain

Spending the week at my parents place

DIO_2017SonnyphotosArrived just in time for one the big trees out front being chopped down DIO_2014Sonnyphotosthe cutting down the tree part is always easy, it's getting rid off the branches that takes timeDIO_2016SonnyphotosAnd stacking all the wood for the fire in winter DIO_2019Sonnyphotosacross the road for a quick look DIO_2021Sonnyphotosepic view DIO_2024Sonnyphotoscan see myself here with a cold drink enjoying the view DIO_2025Sonnyphotosplan to climb that mountain on this trip DIO_2026Sonnyphotosview DIO_2028Sonnyphotosnow, all those branches, skip bin arrives tomorrow DIO_2031Sonnyphotoswalk in town, check out menu for dinner DIO_2033Sonnyphotos DIO_2034Sonnyphotos DIO_2035Sonnyphotos DIO_2038Sonnyphotos DIO_2040Sonnyphotosfew days later, branches and wood all gone DIO_2041Sonnyphotosnow more work, still have not gone for a swim yet DIO_2043Sonnyphotosmore walls nuilt DIO_2044Sonnyphotosand trees planted, idea is this puppy will grow fast and block out the electrical tower DIO_2046Sonnyphotosgrow puppy grow DIO_2047Sonnyphotosditto the eucalyptus DIO_2049Sonnyphotosand we'll be checking up on the avocado tree as well DIO_2050Sonnyphotosthat is going to be one big planter box DIO_2051Sonnyphotoswill be checking up on the progress on that as well DIO_2052SonnyphotosFor me, time to go now, have to get to Florence. Was here for a week, enjoyed my time, but strangely, did not even make it down to the beach, sweated a lot but no swimming. Did have a few ice cold beers though :-)

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