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Sydney > Dubai QF 1 Part 2

Travel across this awesome country continues

SON_5601Sonnyphotosquite a bit of water out here at the moment SON_5604Sonnyphotosagain SON_5605Sonnyphotoshow much I would love to just be able to travel across this country in a super dooper 4WD SON_5609Sonnyphotosdon't usually see lots of clouds out here SON_5616Sonnyphotosand getting some grat cloud formation on this trip SON_5618Sonnyphotosnice SON_5619Sonnyphotosstorm activity SON_5625Sonnyphotos SON_5627Sonnyphotos SON_5638Sonnyphotos SON_5641Sonnyphotosred earth gives way to some green SON_5643Sonnyphotosaccording to flight path about a 100km or so south of Alice Springs SON_5644Sonnyphotosbut when I look out, more like 1km south SON_5647Sonnyphotosheading to Western Australia now SON_5650Sonnyphotos SON_5654Sonnyphotoshaving a ball with all these great cloud scenes SON_5660Sonnyphotos SON_5662Sonnyphotosmountain cropping out form red earth several hundred km east of Broome SON_5674Sonnyphotosnice, another spot would love to go and get a shot of SON_5677Sonnyphotosgetting closer to Broome SON_5679Sonnyphotoslines SON_5681SonnyphotosFitzroy river I'm guessing SON_5683Sonnyphotosnow that would be nice printed up large SON_5692Sonnyphotos SON_5693Sonnyphotosas would this one SON_5700Sonnyphotostropical storm clouds SON_5712Sonnyphotos I know that turn off, we are right above the toenship of Broome, just can;t see it, but I know that road SON_5719Sonnyphotosas, yes, it goes to the Willie Creek pearl farm SON_5720Sonnyphotoswas there about 6 months ago SON_5722Sonnyphotoswoauw SON_5738Sonnyphotosand Barred Creek. Ok bye Australia SON_5740Sonnyphotosgetting dark, but am on the wrong side for sunset shot SON_5743Sonnyphotos SON_5745Sonnyphotosinstead of sunset am treated to these awesome colours SON_5748Sonnyphotosgood night

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