Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


London > Brussels BA392

Skip across the channel to Brussel

Flight from Dubai to London was at nighttime, so no photosSON_5754Sonnyphotosand instead nice gold morning glow at London Heathrow SON_5755Sonnyphotos SON_5762Sonnyphotosbut that glow is not lasting long SON_5764Sonnyphotosand rain comes instead SON_5766Sonnyphotosbig puppy I just flew in on SON_5769Sonnyphotosbusy airport, spot the empty gate SON_5770Sonnyphotosturning south east SON_5772Sonnyphotosnice SON_5776Sonnyphotoswould not think it is winter SON_5781Sonnyphotos SON_5782SonnyphotosEnglish coast line SON_5784SonnyphotosDungeness  SON_5793SonnyphotosDover SON_5797Sonnyphotosand can already see French Coastline SON_5798SonnyphotosCap Gris -Nez SON_5801SonnyphotosCalais SON_5802Sonnyphotosloving this golden glow and obviously has been raining a lot, and can clearly see all the duck ponds at Les Hemmes de Marck SON_5804Sonnyphotosyes, Les Hemmes, one of my new favourite spots SON_5806Sonnyphotoslow tide, can't tell in the photos, but I could see all the mussel poles on low tide SON_5811SonnyphotosGravelines SON_5816SonnyphotosDunkirk SON_5818Sonnyphotosall that water SON_5821Sonnyphotosbig port of Dunkirk SON_5822Sonnyphotoslot of history there SON_5827Sonnyphotosand Belgium SON_5829SonnyphotosBrussels SON_5833Sonnyphotoscan see the proximity of Brussels to the airport here SON_5835Sonnyphotosand the Atomium in between Brussels and airport, sort off SON_5837SonnyphotosAtomium SON_5840SonnyphotosA12 SON_5842SonnyphotosZaventem SON_5843SonnyphotosVilvoorde SON_5845SonnyphotosHofstade and the vaart SON_5849SonnyphotosMechelen - Leuven vaart SON_5850Sonnyphotosso that means I can see the house from here SON_5857Sonnyphotosyes, there it is, land, train and taxi and I will be there SON_5861SonnyphotosFreddy SON_5863Sonnyphotoscan you see your place ? SON_5864Sonnyphotosinto land SON_5870Sonnyphotos

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