Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Paris > Milan AZ313

After driving to Paris ( in a mild snow storm ) it's off to Milan

MIL_5871sonnyphotosloading up the bags MIL_5877sonnyphotos MIL_5882sonnyphotostaxing away from the terminal MIL_5887sonnyphotosqueuing up MIL_5888sonnyphotosand we're off. E19 MIL_5892sonnyphotosturning around as we took of to the west and Milan is south east MIL_5895sonnyphotostouch of the Seine MIL_5898sonnyphotoslooking more tropical than north Europe MIL_5901sonnyphotosholy crap, that looks amazing, and again, something you would see in the pacific, not north of France, woauw. Pic of the trip MIL_5902sonnyphotos MIL_5904sonnyphotosgetting close to the Alps MIL_5906sonnyphotossnow ! MIL_5911sonnyphotoslooks windy with all those shapes in the cloulds MIL_5914sonnyphotosfresh snow MIL_5915sonnyphotosjust imagining being able to be in a stationary postion here, and then doing a timelapse photo, would be pretty amazing with all those clouds rolling over the mountains MIL_5917sonnyphotoslooking at this just makes me want to ski now :-) MIL_5920sonnyphotosnice MIL_5924sonnyphotosnot as much snow yet over there MIL_5927sonnyphotosyes, must plan another snow trip MIL_5929sonnyphotosturning to Milan MIL_5931sonnyphotos MIL_5937sonnyphotosPavia, where the river Ticino joins Po and runs to the Adriatic sea MIL_5938sonnyphotosoh woauw, the snow covered Alps MIL_5943sonnyphotossome smog with your snow covered Alps ? MIL_5947sonnyphotosLanded

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