Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > Dubai QF 1 Part 1

Anothe rvisual delight as I cross Australia on my way to Europe

SON_5506Sonnyphotostaxing out into Botany Bay SON_5508Sonnyphotosspacious :-) SON_5516Sonnyphotoswatching the take off on the screen, as the seat is a bit far from the window for me to take photos SON_5517Sonnyphotostake off, bye Sydney SON_5521Sonnyphotossprawling Sydney Suburbs SON_5522SonnyphotosPenrith Lakes SON_5523Sonnyphotossuburbs stop at the Blue Mountains SON_5525Sonnyphotoswoauw SON_5527Sonnyphotosimpressive SON_5529Sonnyphotossorted my new location SON_5531Sonnyphotosgreat bush walking tracks here too SON_5532SonnyphotosLithgow under the cloud SON_5535SonnyphotosLithgow SON_5536SonnyphotosBathurst ? SON_5540Sonnyphotosheading further west and the clouds disappear SON_5543Sonnyphotoscalled that one too early, cloud coming back in the outback nsw SON_5546Sonnyphotosred earth poking through the white clouds SON_5551Sonnyphotoswoauw SON_5559Sonnyphotosgraphic lines catching my eyes SON_5560Sonnyphotoszoom in , wonder what it is SON_5563Sonnyphotoscurious now SON_5565Sonnyphotosacording to flight path it is here somewhere SON_5571SonnyphotosI recognize that lake, Coori Coori Tillie Lakes SON_5572Sonnyphotosso I know where this is, but just spent an hour going over google earth no luck SON_5578Sonnyphotoslooking down here everytime I fly over, I just think of getting a 4 wd and spending some months driving around shooting ( with a camera of course ) SON_5579Sonnyphotoscan you spot the house SON_5581Sonnyphotoswhat a landscape SON_5583SonnyphotosI mean, look at that colour , imagine being down there somewhere during sunriuse sunset SON_5585Sonnyphotosjust spectacular SON_5586Sonnyphotos SON_5587Sonnyphotosthe pattern form the waterway and the colour SON_5591Sonnyphotos so many more photos to come , I just have to break it up in parts

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