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Beijing > Hong Kong CX391

Time to head south, way south

SON_4561sonnyphotosready to leave Beijing. Looks like early morning, but it's actually around 1pm, smog city SON_4565sonnyphotosBeijing airport would have to be one of the biggest, its length is about 5km SON_4566sonnyphotosjust has this eerie feel like there is a bush fire nearby, but I guess you get that from living in Australia SON_4568sonnyphotosthis way to the runway SON_4569sonnyphotos SON_4571sonnyphotosfollowing the yellow lines SON_4572sonnyphotoshome of China Eastern SON_4573sonnyphotosstill going on this runway, taking a while ( It's a big airport ) SON_4578sonnyphotosunder that smog the massive terminal, which I would consider to be an engineering feat they way they built that SON_4580sonnyphotosok, getting closer to take off SON_4581sonnyphotoslooks like the "party" terminam SON_4583sonnyphotosand we're off SON_4585sonnyphotosso much smog SON_4586sonnyphotosthick blanket of it, so it is not smog purely from the traffic , but from all the factories in the surrounding suburbs of Beijing SON_4587sonnyphotosabout 200-300km later, finally get to see the earth again SON_4589sonnyphotosbig mountain range, starting North West off Beijing and then running all the way south. the Taihang and Luliang mountain ranges SON_4590sonnyphotosbit of snow on top SON_4602sonnyphotosmoon, wing tip, mountain range SON_4604sonnyphotosnearly full moon SON_4606sonnyphotosloving the blue in this SON_4609sonnyphotosawesome light SON_4615sonnyphotosgetting closer to Hong Kong and a change in the weather SON_4617sonnyphotoslooking more like a cliff SON_4621sonnyphotosdescending SON_4622sonnyphotosJust off Hong Kong SON_4624sonnyphotosconstruction on the new bridge form Hong Kong to Macau

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