Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Waking up in an overwater bungalow - Sofitel Tahiti

ready to explore more of island besides the surf :-)

TAH_7155Sonnyphotos best way to wake upTAH_7157Sonnyphotos with a coffee over a coral lagoon ( take me back :-)TAH_7161Sonnyphotos after scrumptious breakfast we head inlandTAH_7163Sonnyphotos along Cooks bayTAH_7165Sonnyphotos TAH_7167Sonnyphotos up towards Devil towerTAH_7170Sonnyphotos then 20 min or so later, we are up at the base of the highest mountain looking northTAH_7171Sonnyphotos Opunohu bay on the leftTAH_7174Sonnyphotos cooks bay on the rightTAH_7175Sonnyphotos big volcanic mountain in betweenTAH_7178Sonnyphotos doing the Paris bridge love locks here tooTAH_7261Sonnyphotos awesome sceneryTAH_7262Sonnyphotos TAH_7338Sonnyphotos good selfie light :-)TAH_7447Sonnyphotos moving back down along the pineapple fieldsTAH_7448Sonnyphotos you know me, love me a good dirt trackTAH_7450Sonnyphotos what a viewTAH_7465Sonnyphotos and that's all pineapples in the foregroundTAH_7489Sonnyphotos avocado farmTAH_7491Sonnyphotos at times it rains a lot hereTAH_7505SonnyphotosJacqui getting her shot

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