Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Up in the mountains of Moorea, Tahiti

was so nice in the mountains yesterday I just had to come up again with the sun out more today

TAH_8195Sonnyphotos past the pineapple plantationsTAH_8198Sonnyphotos looking at Cook's bayTAH_8199Sonnyphotos must say, Tahitian pineapples are the sweetest pineapples, they are a different variety from any of the other pineapples I've ever eaten, so sweetTAH_8202Sonnyphotos that's what I love about Tahiti, with these massive volcanic rocks just jutting out to the blue sky and then the tops surrounded with cloudsTAH_8204Sonnyphotos TAH_8207Sonnyphotos just like when we went to Tropical north Queensland, these massive tree ferns, the king of ferns, check out the post here from The DaintreeTAH_8208Sonnyphotos TAH_8209Sonnyphotos Benji my mountain goat guideTAH_8211Sonnyphotos woauw, what a view of Opunohu BayTAH_8215Sonnyphotos TAH_8217Sonnyphotos magicalTAH_8223Sonnyphotos TAH_8228Sonnyphotos on the way down again, just had to stop at the spot where we collected the flowers for the photo shoot, as I did not really get any photos of them, as it was pouring with rain on that day ( see post from few days agoTAH_8236Sonnyphotos such an amazing flowerTAH_8238Sonnyphotos and this spot is like a forest of themTAH_8241Sonnyphotos going back down into the valley to the bay and past the prawn farm TAH_8243Sonnyphotos such a magical looking mountainTAH_8245Sonnyphotos TAH_8247Sonnyphotos love itTAH_8249Sonnyphotos hanging versionTAH_8248Sonnyphotos TAH_8252Sonnyphotos been meaning to take a photo of this house all week, TAH_8253Sonnyphotos can already imagine sydney real estate advertisement, needs a little t.l.c. loads of character, old world charm :-)TAH_8258Sonnyphotos sunset from Hani Haring HQ rooftopTAH_8260Sonnyphotos nice coloursTAH_8263Sonnyphotos looking towards Opunohu Bay and big sail cruise boat heading outTAH_8264Sonnyphotos looks niceTAH_8266Sonnyphotos TAH_8267Sonnyphotos oh woauw, can see the streaks of the last rays of lightTAH_8268Sonnyphotos we head down to have a quick surf check of Beachcomber before it gets too dark, and what a sight, nice swell rolling inTAH_8270Sonnyphotoswith the cruise boat sailing out to sea, and look at those lefts, looking forward to tomorrow's surf

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