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Sofitel's Overwater Bungalow - Tahiti

Another day in Paradise, but this time - Luxury ! 5*

TAH_6145Sonnyphotos On Jacqui's bucket list, there is a special spot for staying in a over water bungalow. So Benji told us not to worry as we planned our visit to Tahiti, he knows just the place. TAH_6149Sonnyphotos YepTAH_6151Sonnyphotos that's an overwater bungalow alright, but not just that, look at the water, inviting no TAH_6155Sonnyphotos not too many so not too crowded either, just rightTAH_6158Sonnyphotos and what a viewTAH_6159Sonnyphotos the colour of the waterTAH_6162Sonnyphotos our bungalow for the night is right at the endTAH_6166Sonnyphotos smile on her face now :-)TAH_6172Sonnyphotos the beach at Sofitel is one of the best in TahitiTAH_6176Sonnyphotos whitest of white sand and clearest of clear sea waterTAH_6196Sonnyphotos Jacqui on her way to the bungalowTAH_6199Sonnyphotos can you see yourself in that chairTAH_6202Sonnyphotos our home for the next 24 hours :-)TAH_6205Sonnyphotos inside just as goodTAH_6212Sonnyphotos even have a little viewing of the sea beneath the bungalow through this glass flooringTAH_6217Sonnyphotos Looking at this photo again now, was wishing to be relaxing in here againTAH_6227Sonnyphotos massive bed with big mosquito net ( which we did not need ) TAH_6233Sonnyphotos ha, was not expecting these amenities, how do you like that Reuben and Charles :-)TAH_6238Sonnyphotos awesome showerTAH_6244Sonnyphotos room does not need a TV and check out that painting, classicTAH_6250Sonnyphotos yesTAH_6254Sonnyphotos love me an outdoor showerTAH_6925Sonnyphotos Jacqui's not waitingTAH_6928Sonnyphotos TAH_6945Sonnyphotos me, after jumping in on top of her while she's expecting to see little fish and then this big hairy thing jumps in front of herTAH_6957Sonnyphotos TAH_6960Sonnyphotos TAH_6968Sonnyphotos TAH_6973Sonnyphotos TAH_6978Sonnyphotos view inland from our terrasTAH_6983Sonnyphotos love this shot of the window of our neighbours, zooming inTAH_6988Sonnyphotos :-)TAH_6996Sonnyphotos sunset timeTAH_6997Sonnyphotos rare sight, Jacqui with a beerTAH_7008Sonnyphotos TAH_7015Sonnyphotos all so calmTAH_7024Sonnyphotos TAH_7027Sonnyphotos and with the odd flying fishTAH_7031Sonnyphotos TAH_7034Sonnyphotos in the evening, we are notified that dinner will soon be servedTAH_7037Sonnyphotos nice touchTAH_7040Sonnyphotos a little fire danceTAH_7050Sonnyphotos before dinnerTAH_7053Sonnyphotos TAH_7059Sonnyphotos traditional Tahitian stone oven dinnerTAH_7062Sonnyphotos under the blanket, banana leavesTAH_7063Sonnyphotos under the leaves, pork , fish and all sorts of local vegetable TAH_7075Sonnyphotos for dinner we had front row seats to watch the Tahitian dancing, unfortunately, it was Hoani's night off TAH_7128Sonnyphotos TAH_7137Sonnyphotos TAH_7147Sonnyphotos walking back to our bungalow, how awesomeTAH_7154Sonnyphotosgoing to sleep with the big full moon reflecting over the lagoon....bliss

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