Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Typical Day in Paradise - Tahiti - includes live sharks

surfing, dancers, gecko's and dinner above sharks :-)

TAH_5774sonnyphotosway to start the day, your mate, a boat and 2 surfboards TAH_5775sonnyphotos heading outTAH_5796sonnyphotos Guardian of the breakTAH_5798sonnyphotos another day in paradise TAH_5806sonnyphotos the channel heading outTAH_5816sonnyphotos past the intercontinental resort ( formerly beach comber ) TAH_5821sonnyphotos El Capitan :-)TAH_5830sonnyphotos what a view, just about to jump off and paddle outJAC_1308sonnyphotos couple of hours later, back at our home in Tahiti :-)JAC_1309sonnyphotos little look around int he living roomJAC_1310sonnyphotos JAC_1311sonnyphotos JAC_1315sonnyphotos Tahitian style TAH_5833sonnyphotos then on our way through again, we stop of to visit Hoani, who was one of the models for the shoot. This is her backyard - jealous ? There is a right hand surf break, just out of frameTAH_5835sonnyphotos I can see myself hereTAH_5836sonnyphotos Hoani in her new dress gifted to her by HaniTAH_5846sonnyphotos loving the coloursTAH_5851sonnyphotos Hoani is a professional dancerTAH_5855sonnyphotos TAH_5857sonnyphotos that viewTAH_5858sonnyphotos home again, greeted by this little fellaTAH_5860sonnyphotos Gecko's are everywhereTAH_5862sonnyphotos love Gecko's, they eat all the bugs :-)TAH_5864sonnyphotos then for dinner we head to Le CreperieTAH_5865sonnyphotos which just happens to be situated over water where the sharks hang outTAH_5867sonnyphotos dining with a view TAH_5873sonnyphotos the A teamTAH_5876sonnyphotos after the dinner and the seabreeze died down so we get a better viewTAH_5878sonnyphotos spectacularTAH_5885sonnyphotos and quite a few of them aroundTAH_5888sonnyphotos TAH_5892sonnyphotos TAH_5897sonnyphotosThe view walking back to the car park, on a high iso setting :-)

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