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Surfing Ha'apiti Today - And Pod of Dolphins

Our holiday in paradise continues, with Dolphins and finally some shots of me surfing

TAH_5901sonnyphotos on our way to launch the boat to surf Ha'apiti today, passing the 2 bays Cooks Bay ( as in Captain Cook  ) Opunohu Bay ( listed as one of the 10 most beautiful bays in the world )TAH_5905sonnyphotos And I love those Volcanic rock ridges, with the jungle creeping up underneath themTAH_5907sonnyphotos 2  coconuts and Moorea's Devil TowerTAH_5909sonnyphotos impressiveTAH_5910sonnyphotos let's launch the boatTAH_5912sonnyphotos the Hawaiians back from their morning surf, and you can see the left peeeling on the horizon in the background, it's looking good  TAH_5914sonnyphotos same Devils tower but form the other side ( only takes about 45m -60 min to drive around the Island )TAH_5915sonnyphotos the coloursTAH_5917sonnyphotos Busy day for Benji Ferry servicesTAH_5924sonnyphotos as we head outTAH_5932sonnyphotos there is a pod of Dolphins swimming aroundTAH_5938sonnyphotos awesome creaturesTAH_5941sonnyphotos I love the distorted view from the ripples of the waves on the surfaceTAH_5948sonnyphotos TAH_5952sonnyphotos TAH_5959sonnyphotos stunningTAH_5961sonnyphotos TAH_5962sonnyphotos TAH_5970sonnyphotos TAH_5973sonnyphotos the view going outTAH_5975sonnyphotos Benji's friends Alex and Olivier, just arrived from Biaritz in FranceTAH_5976sonnyphotos and this is what they seeTAH_5980sonnyphotos yep, not in Biaritz anymore :-)TAH_5984sonnyphotos Pierro ( aka Stewart ) first cab of the rankTAH_5988sonnyphotos love me a peeling leftTAH_5990sonnyphotos time to get the second load, and notice the baguettes to the left of Benji ( Tahiti is a French Colony after all )TAH_6002sonnyphotos and we pass the Dolphins again, was watching them come up form the deep, up for airTAH_6003sonnyphotos and then down againTAH_6007sonnyphotos TAH_6012sonnyphotos so awesome to witnessTAH_6017sonnyphotos TAH_6020sonnyphotos love itTAH_6025sonnyphotos TAH_6026sonnyphotos TAH_6027sonnyphotos TAH_6028sonnyphotos TAH_6039sonnyphotos the 2 boat load and . . . more baguettes :-)TAH_6042sonnyphotos sickHaapiti1 and now, finally, some shots of me surfingHaapiti2 nice little section, but I should have done a sharper bottom ti=urn hereHaapiti4 then again, maybe not as I must have seen this little head dip section coming on :-)Haapiti5 Haapiti6 snap, loving my Annesley Fun boardHaapiti7and yes, as you might have seen in these shots, I put a tonne of zinc on my face, it is very easy to get pretty badly sunburnt here, even with sunscreen on, so I went the full white face hehehe. PS thanks Megan for sending me these shotsTAH_6056sonnyphotos later that evening, on our way to the supermarketTAH_6057sonnyphotos you see these crabs everywhere, wonder if they are edible :-)TAH_6061sonnyphotos got to catch them firstTAH_6065sonnyphotosgood reason to go to the supermarket, local beer :-)TAH_6063sonnyphotos Tahitian sunset :-)

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