Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Water Camera Test

in Tahiti, so why not test it, like, everyday :-)

JAC_1139sonnyphotosJacqui going in, pretending it is coldJAC_1148sonnyphotoslove shots like this, nothing else around, just water and sandJAC_1161sonnyphotosand little blue coral fishJAC_1179sonnyphotos:-)JAC_1181sonnyphotosThe reflectionJAC_1186sonnyphotosTahiti !!JAC_1188sonnyphotos JAC_1190sonnyphotosquick shot of meJAC_1210sonnyphotosthe snorkyJAC_1230sonnyphotosshe seen somethingJAC_1237sonnyphotos JAC_1247sonnyphotos JAC_1254sonnyphotosjust loove that reflectionJAC_1258sonnyphotos JAC_1263sonnyphotoswhat's going on here thenJAC_1286sonnyphotos

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