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Tom Lu's For Lunch

Not at the restaurant but his home in one of the villages near Sigatoka

FJI_7391sonnyphotosWe have been going to Tom Lu's restaurant in Cuvu since my first trip to Fiji. Jacqui wrote a blog post and then got them to be on trip advisor and wrote a review of the restaurant. Ever since then, they steadily been getting busier and gotten to the stage we some time need to book a table now, so we are happy about that. Lusia, Tom Lu's daughter has been running the restaurant for a while now , and we have never met Tom Lu, untill today, When we were invited over for Sunday Family lunch. And woauw, we were not only blessed with an amazing meal ( fish, crab, prawns, curries and all the yummy local vegetables ) But then after lunch a boy with guitar appeared and then the twin sisters with the most amazing voices started singing some traditional songs, woauw, what a day FJI_7393sonnyphotosand then dessert gets delivered by taxi FJI_7396sonnyphotosyou can imagine the kids screaming ice cream ice cream over and over :-) FJI_7408sonnyphotos FJI_7426sonnyphotos FJI_7439sonnyphotosrounding everyone up for family group photo FJI_7445sonnyphotosbut Ice cream ice cream FJI_7458sonnyphotosproud Tom Lu and his family FJI_7466sonnyphotosunder the mango tree FJI_7470sonnyphotoshehehe, Lusia, the colour of your tongue from the ice cream FJI_7472sonnyphotosthanks for an amazing lunch guys FJI_7477sonnyphotosyew FJI_7490sonnyphotoshehe, the ice cream dripping down her forearms, what kid has not been there FJI_7499sonnyphotos FJI_7513sonnyphotostwins FJI_7518sonnyphotos FJI_7524sonnyphotos FJI_7528sonnyphotos FJI_7533sonnyphotoswhere all the magic happend :-)

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