Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Kula Eco Park, Fiji

We have been here before, but it is just so pretty

FJI_6435Sonnyphotoson our view quick view of Cuvu harbour and the reed of Shangri-LA FJI_6442SonnyphotosEco park has a great collection of Ginger plants FJI_6444Sonnyphotosplenty of red ones FJI_6446Sonnyphotosthey also have some animals, like these bats, ...hang on , what the FJI_6447Sonnyphotosyes, he has his penis out and is playing with it as tourists walk past, I can;t stop laughing every time I see this photo now FJI_6452Sonnyphotosbeautiful FJI_6456Sonnyphotos FJI_6462Sonnyphotosah, my favourite FJI_6464Sonnyphotosjust like in Tahiti FJI_6465Sonnyphotoslove this flower, would be awesome if I could grow these back home, but I think I would need a glass house for the winter months FJI_6470Sonnyphotosjust such an amazing colour FJI_6471Sonnyphotos FJI_6478Sonnyphotos FJI_6481Sonnyphotos FJI_6482Sonnyphotosnever seen this one before FJI_6486Sonnyphotosfrom memory this is from edible ginger plant FJI_6490Sonnyphotos FJI_6498Sonnyphotoslooks like some of the eucalyptus wattle FJI_6501Sonnyphotosamazing colour FJI_6511Sonnyphotos FJI_6514Sonnyphotos FJI_6522Sonnyphotoshello there FJI_6523SonnyphotosEvan with one of the locals] FJI_6533Sonnyphotoswhat's he thinking FJI_6575Sonnyphotosback at the Shangri-La in time for sunset FJI_6578Sonnyphotosnice FJI_6579Sonnyphotos FJI_6581Sonnyphotosall about colours today FJI_6582Sonnyphotosoh woauw, loving the reflection in Belle's Karen Walker sunglasses FJI_6584Sonnyphotoslove it FJI_6585Sonnyphotoslast like FJI_6586Sonnyphotospool palms FJI_6587Sonnyphotos FJI_6593Sonnyphotosmust be time for a drink

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