Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Girls First Surf :-)

And in Fiji no less :-)

FJI_6281SonnyphotosAfter all that paddleboarding, snorkelling it is time for the girls to try and catch some waves. On the aptly named Cuvu Harbour rights. Belle paddling FJI_6287Sonnyphotoshere comes India FJI_6293SonnyphotosAlways such an awesome feeling when you get that push of the waves and it moves you towards the beach, India enjoying it so much, she forgot to try and stand up :-) FJI_6320Sonnyphotoshere comes Belle again FJI_6326Sonnyphotosgo Belle, stood up after this , but the wave got in the way for me to get a good shot, damn it FJI_6340SonnyphotosBelle again FJI_6357Sonnyphotoshere we go, India FJI_6359Sonnyphotosdetermined  FJI_6362Sonnyphotosyes FJI_6363Sonnyphotosshe;'s up , yeay FJI_6367Sonnyphotosand a spectacular fall to go with it yeeew FJI_6370SonnyphotosBelle again FJI_6373Sonnyphotosyes FJI_6375Sonnyphotoshere we go, Belle's third wave up and riding FJI_6380Sonnyphotosand also a spectacular fall FJI_6396Sonnyphotosmy turn FJI_6399Sonnyphotoshahaha FJI_6419Sonnyphotosyew FJI_6427SonnyphotosBelle again So much fun, and I am so stoked for the girls they had a go, because one thing you do not see, is that we are not surfing on a beach, we are surfing towards a beach, but underneath it is rock. Not coral , but still rock, so mentally that is a bit daunting for the girls when they are having a first go at surfing. So 200% for giving it a go, good on you girls

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