Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Last Day in Fiji

Sadly all holidays come to an end

FJI_7551SonnyphotosLast day, late in the afternoon, so Evan and I go for a walk around the Shangri-La resort FJI_7557Sonnyphotosand there is a very nice wedding chapel at the very quite end of the resort FJI_7560Sonnyphotoswhat a place to exchange your vowsFJI_7562Sonnyphotos FJI_7577Sonnyphotosbig balcony at the end to sip chamapgne in the sunset afterwards FJI_7585Sonnyphotoswalking along the beach FJI_7587Sonnyphotosback to the main part of the resort FJI_7591Sonnyphotosand loving the red algae growing on the palm trees FJI_7596Sonnyphotosone Fijian sunset coming up FJI_7602Sonnyphotos FJI_7607Sonnyphotos FJI_7612Sonnyphotos FJI_7617Sonnyphotostrying to find the girls now FJI_7624Sonnyphotosand here they are FJI_7627Sonnyphotosone the end of the jetty ( as Bilo Bar is closed for renovations ) FJI_7632SonnyphotosI can see myself in India's Karen Walker sunglasses FJI_7635Sonnyphotosnice sunset coming up FJI_7639Sonnyphotosmaking the most of it FJI_7641Sonnyphotosas it is our last night FJI_7647Sonnyphotos FJI_7651Sonnyphotossome more pool reflections FJI_7653Sonnyphotoswe will be back ....of course

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