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Fiji Surf's Paddle Board at the Shnagri-La

With the new Bili Bili Paddle boards

FJI_5221SonnyphotosThe girls on the back of Ian's new super dooper jet ski. He got it just for settign up his new venture at the Shangri-La hotel and it is an impressive looking machine, anyway FJI_5227Sonnyphotosthe girls loving the ride across Cuvu harbour to go for a paddle board session around the Island just off Shangri-La's resortFJI_5232Sonnyphotoswe get a ride across on the fast boat :-) FJI_5243SonnyphotosThe Island, just navigating to see if our boat can make it across the sand bar up the river FJI_5250Sonnyphotoscheck the smiles on the girls :-) FJI_5279Sonnyphotosyep, let's do it FJI_5317Sonnyphotoswhen we get there, Ian plays ferry taxi service for the locals FJI_5337Sonnyphotos:-) FJI_5361Sonnyphotosfollow the leader, Malia leads the girls. And the girls still looking pretty Aussie winter white, first proper day out in the sun, so poor things got so sun burnt today. Lesson learnt, put sunblock on a good 20min before you go out in the water, otherwise most of it just washes off, needs to soak in FJI_5397Sonnyphotosgot to love that clear water FJI_5409Sonnyphotoshaving fun FJI_5412Sonnyphotosok FJI_5419Sonnyphotoshere we go FJI_5449SonnyphotosBelle on the paddle board FJI_5479Sonnyphotosshe's a natural FJI_5483Sonnyphotoslittle wave coming in FJI_5488Sonnyphotosin control FJI_5547SonnyphotosJacqui will have a snorkel FJI_5557SonnyphotosJacqui checking out the local talent hehehe FJI_5680SonnyphotosStu and Belle FJI_5699Sonnyphotoslove the roots of this tree FJI_5717SonnyphotosBelle ducking under the low lying branches FJI_5766SonnyphotosIndia's turn FJI_5788Sonnyphotosalso a master at this after a quick 2 minute lesson. Does not take long to get the hang of it with these Bili Bili boards, girls are having so much fun exploring, and in these crystal clear waters as well FJI_5857SonnyphotosEvan's turn FJI_5869SonnyphotosWhile the girls paddle around and do some more exploring, Ian and I do some more important exploring :-) The left hand reef break a bit further out of the Island FJI_5873Sonnyphotosnice little bowling inside section FJI_5875Sonnyphotosstrong current though and the wind is a bit too strong coming across it, but there is definitely potential to surf this left FJI_5898Sonnyphotosback on the Island and checking out one of the isolated beaches FJI_5929Sonnyphotosno one else on the beach but us FJI_5953Sonnyphotosdive in FJI_5966Sonnyphotoscool spot FJI_5986SonnyphotosBelle checking out the bearded cave man FJI_5988Sonnyphotoswhile Evan works on his sunburn FJI_6021SonnyphotosPlan to surf around the corner on this little wave, so some paddle lessons on the soft boards FJI_6054SonnyphotosEvan still working on getting burnt :-) FJI_6060SonnyphotosBelle the surfie girl FJI_6104Sonnyphotossurfie mum :-) FJI_6139SonnyphotosIndia's turn FJI_6181Sonnyphotos FJI_6239Sonnyphotoswhat's that underneath you India FJI_6261SonnyphotosSnorky Belle FJI_6265Sonnyphotosok, lets go hit the surf now girls

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