Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Fiji Time

Just another day on holiday :-)

FJI_3719Sonnyphotos Testing out the 14mm lens today. First stop Sigatoka, me massage, girls fabric for a dressFJI_3720Sonnyphotos walking around the markets with the 14mmFJI_3723Sonnyphotos yumFJI_3724Sonnyphotos all I need is basil garlic and oil nowFJI_3727Sonnyphotos the old sugar cane train track stops here. Used to go across the bridge, but a flood many blue moons ago damaged the bridge and never got repaired :-(FJI_3730Sonnyphotos quick cutFJI_3733Sonnyphotos FJI_3734Sonnyphotos FJI_3735Sonnyphotos FJI_3746Sonnyphotos back at the Shangri-La , looking across Cuvu HarbourFJI_3750Sonnyphotos Instagram moment for the girlsFJI_3754Sonnyphotos India, wearing her shiny new blue Karen Walker sunglasses.FJI_3758Sonnyphotos what a viewFJI_3760Sonnyphotos best have a cocktail with that view :-)FJI_3763Sonnyphotos good for a 14mm shot FJI_3765Sonnyphotos looking up at the palm tree topsFJI_3771Sonnyphotos last dipFJI_3773Sonnyphotos coloursFJI_3775Sonnyphotos FJI_3782Sonnyphotos the resort, time for dinnerFJI_3787Sonnyphotos yummy mealFJI_3789Sonnyphotoswhat's missing in this picture

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