Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


BBQ Tahitian Style

Last night in Tahiti and the local crew put on a feast for us

Pierro is BBQ master tonightTAH_8292Sonnyphotostime to consume some beersTAH_8293Sonnyphotos laid back style, comme les Australiens :-)TAH_8294Sonnyphotos Le Champion goes everywhere with usTAH_8299Sonnyphotos while Pierro aka Stewart plays BBQ chef the boys decide to play a gameTAH_8303Sonnyphotos zapTAH_8304Sonnyphotos so I have seen these aroudn the place, big electric zappers to get the mossies and flies, very effective, but the Biarits boys decide to see if it works on themTAH_8307Sonnyphotos so they play a game of Trivia, but the catch is, it is in French and Jacqui, with her wonderful french dialect is reading the question ( that added degree of difficulty hehehe )TAH_8310Sonnyphotos to the amusement for all of usTAH_8318Sonnyphotos I guess it is one of those had to be there momentsTAH_8320Sonnyphotos TAH_8324Sonnyphotos yep, those zappers look painful enoughTAH_8327Sonnyphotos TAH_8338Sonnyphotos let's try the earsTAH_8342Sonnyphotos TAH_8346Sonnyphotosnow the toesTAH_8349Sonnyphotos yep, getting on here, after a few beers it's on to the nipples lolTAH_8354Sonnyphotos dinner ready just in time :-)TAH_8357Sonnyphotos feastTAH_8362Sonnyphotosthanks guys :-)

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