Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Last Surf at Haaptiti, Moorea , Tahiti

And an awesome day to finish off our last day

TAH_8363Sonnyphotos another way to spend the night on the lagoon :-)TAH_8368Sonnyphotos we're back out at Haapiti, and there is a bigger swell running in, TAH_8369Sonnyphotos so the boys are all happyTAH_8372Sonnyphotos sprayTAH_8378Sonnyphotos the view to Haapiti townTAH_8379Sonnyphotos sectionTAH_8385Sonnyphotos big arching turn, good when you have a lot of wave to work withTAH_8386Sonnyphotos great session todayTAH_8392Sonnyphotos under the lipTAH_8408Sonnyphotos meanwhile, across the channel , the right handerTAH_8412Sonnyphotos hollowTAH_8420Sonnyphotos off the topTAH_8424Sonnyphotos inside TAH_8427Sonnyphotos yes, epic backhand barrelTAH_8432Sonnyphotos again, snapping that board of the lipTAH_8478Sonnyphotos sectionTAH_8479Sonnyphotos wish I had a 400mm lens right nowTAH_8482Sonnyphotos niceTAH_8484Sonnyphotos so much fun. I was struggling a bit on the bigger waves on my 5'6", did not have that control on the bottom turns and felt like I was about to fall flat on my face a few times :-)TAH_8499Sonnyphotos heading back to Canada ?TAH_8517Sonnyphotos sun is pretty hot todayTAH_8519Sonnyphotos quite common for the villagers just to paddle out and have a look and then just paddle backTAH_8520Sonnyphotos niceTAH_8541Sonnyphotos after a good session heading back for lunchTAH_8545Sonnyphotos and I will never tire of these coloursTAH_8549Sonnyphotos after lunch, just had to have another session at BeachcomberTAH_8550Sonnyphotos and Benji offered to take a few photos of me surfing :-)TAH_8551Sonnyphotos nice walls out hereTAH_8552Sonnyphotos typing this, wishing I was here again right nowTAH_8569Sonnyphotos paddle back to the boatTAH_8571Sonnyphotos feeling the sun on my face todayTAH_8573Sonnyphotosbut smiling also

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