Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Eco Beach Day 2 Heli Flight The Beach

We set her down on the beach, plan was to get photo of cave, but tide is too high

AUS_0420sonnyphotosFirst one out AUS_0427sonnyphotoshere comes photographer number 2 :-) AUS_0432sonnyphotosbeautiful scenery AUS_0433sonnyphotosthe colours AUS_0440sonnyphotoswe are not alone, but what animal is it, anyone ? AUS_0442sonnyphotosWe are not alone at all :-) There is actually the option to hire some sea kayaks from the retreat, so if you don't see yourself flying around in a helicopter, there is the sea kayak option AUS_0444sonnyphotosgetting cloudy again AUS_0452sonnyphotoserosion, stronger over time that you think AUS_0477sonnyphotosmy ride AUS_0491sonnyphotosBest way to go and take photos AUS_0496sonnyphotoswish I had my own one ( and no, a drone is not the same ) AUS_0500sonnyphotos nice AUS_0509sonnyphotos AUS_0517sonnyphotos AUS_0529sonnyphotostime to head back AUS_0533sonnyphotosBroome is waiting AUS_0538sonnyphotos AUS_0541sonnyphotos AUS_0542sonnyphotosall aboard :-)

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