Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Eco Beach Day 2 - Heli Flight The Return Fligth

After taking shots of this pretty little beach it's time to head back and then drive to Broome

AUS_0544sonnyphotoslove this shot AUS_0549sonnyphotosready to go AUS_0553sonnyphotosand about time to judging by the tide coming in, but then again, this heli is made to land on water ( so you can even go fishing in remote locations , how cool if fishing is your thing ) AUS_0559sonnyphotosengine warming up AUS_0567sonnyphotosready to go AUS_0576sonnyphotoslift off AUS_0579sonnyphotoshope to come back one day AUS_0584sonnyphotosup AUS_0586sonnyphotosand AUS_0587sonnyphotosaway AUS_0588sonnyphotoswhat a spot AUS_0590sonnyphotosmiss it already AUS_0593sonnyphotos AUS_0594sonnyphotos AUS_0602sonnyphotosmy sunset beach from last night AUS_0604sonnyphotosand the mini bungles AUS_0614sonnyphotosthe retreat AUS_0622sonnyphotos AUS_0634sonnyphotos AUS_0643sonnyphotos AUS_0652sonnyphotos AUS_0663sonnyphotosmade it AUS_0673sonnyphotosalways happier when she has landed :-)  

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