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Eco Beach Day 2 - Helicopter Ride The Flight

We all know Jacqui has a fear of Flying, but Eco Beach has a Helicopter

AUS_0254sonnyphotoswe wait for the clouds to lift ( for better photos ) and then take off with our pilot Jackson McLeod AUS_0258sonnyphotosA nervous Jacqui AUS_0263sonnyphotoswarming her up AUS_0268sonnyphotosand we're off AUS_0273sonnyphotosI can see the bush track I walked yesterday AUS_0275sonnyphotoshere we go AUS_0279sonnyphotosawesome AUS_0282sonnyphotosI can see all the spots I walked yesterday and where I took the sunset pics from, except tide is a lot higher AUS_0294sonnyphotosand cloudy today :-( AUS_0296sonnyphotosturning back to have a good look at the Eco Beach retreat AUS_0298sonnyphotosbeach we walked along yesterday and saw all those fish AUS_0300sonnyphotosso vast, really, nothing else out here AUS_0304sonnyphotosand there it is, our Villa is the very end one on the right, right in the corner on top of the beach AUS_0316sonnyphotosthose colours AUS_0328sonnyphotosDid not make it to these beaches yesterday ( ran out of time /light ) AUS_0333sonnyphotosHappy AUS_0338sonnyphotosAnd it's all about this place, the cave I been wanting to get a photo off AUS_0342sonnyphotosbut as you can see, tide is too high AUS_0348sonnyphotoswhat a location AUS_0357sonnyphotosanother cave, but beach too short for Jackson to land the Heli AUS_0378sonnyphotosturning AUS_0394sonnyphotosbeautiful AUS_0400sonnyphotos AUS_0404sonnyphotos AUS_0407sonnyphotoscoming down to land AUS_0410sonnyphotosonly people for miles around AUS_0412sonnyphotoslanded, when's the last time you took a heli ride and landed on a beach AUS_0414sonnyphotosnervous much, no really, she's fine, getting used to me putting her on planes and helicopters now :-)

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