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Trip to Bowraville and try new board at Scotts Head

decided to go up as there could be some good swell up there according to the reports

AUS_9105SonnyphotosAfter 5 hour drive arrive at Scotts head, and yes, great size waves hitting the point AUS_9106Sonnyphotosbut then they disappear in a big hole, such a shame, normally that wave would just keep rolling all the way through the bay AUS_9109Sonnyphotos AUS_9112Sonnyphotosever since this big swell in 2008 rolled in from the north, and then all the water rushed out again past the rocks and took all the sand with it, and has not returned. I went out for a paddle anyway, but yeah, did not last long out there, just nice big take off, bottom turn and then nothing AUS_9118SonnyphotosSo after lunch and checking into a motel went back to Urunga to check out the beach with driftwood again AUS_9121Sonnyphotosand am blessed with a rainbow AUS_9122Sonnyphotosnice AUS_9123Sonnyphotoseven better AUS_9125Sonnyphotoswoauw AUS_9126Sonnyphotos AUS_9127Sonnyphotos AUS_9128Sonnyphotosshould have been here earlier with model and stylist :-) AUS_9129Sonnyphotos AUS_9132Sonnyphotos AUS_9136Sonnyphotos AUS_9142Sonnyphotos AUS_9143Sonnyphotosloving this pattern from thousands of pieces of driftwood AUS_9146Sonnyphotos AUS_9154Sonnyphotoslove my quaint little motel for the night at Macksville AUS_9157Sonnyphotos AUS_9164Sonnyphotoschecking out the creek at Bowraville again. Been here with the kids swimming a few times, and looks like a big flood came through not so long ago AUS_9165Sonnyphotosall the banks/shape of creek edge has totally changed AUS_9170Sonnyphotoswater still super clear AUS_9174Sonnyphotosforce of the water has bent back this road guard rail AUS_9177Sonnyphotos AUS_9180Sonnyphotosbut still so pretty

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