Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sonny's Got a brand new board

Nigel Annesley who shapes surfboards made me a new board. Time to get creative

AUS_8893Sonnyphotosas I was not keen on just having another white board that after a few years just goes an off yellow from exposure to the sun AUS_8904Sonnyphotosso . let's get creative, I like the idea of a pink board AUS_8910Sonnyphotosso pink it is AUS_8912Sonnyphotoscouple sprays and already looking better AUS_8914SonnyphotosNigel is into it AUS_8917Sonnyphotos AUS_8923SonnyphotosAUS_8925Sonnyphotos:-)AUS_8931Sonnyphotostime for paint to dry in the winter sun AUS_8936Sonnyphotoslooking good AUS_8941Sonnyphotos AUS_8946Sonnyphotostop deck dry, time to do the bottom AUS_8947Sonnyphotos AUS_8954Sonnyphotos AUS_8958Sonnyphotos AUS_8964Sonnyphotos AUS_8973Sonnyphotosnice AUS_8976Sonnyphotostime to dry, what do you think, way better than just white , no ? Well at least you will be able to see me

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