Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Byron Bay After the Show and After the Storm

Wake up to a beautiful day when th forecast was for another day of rain

AUS_8661SonnyphotosStaying at the Byron Bay retreat AUS_8666Sonnyphotosand this is what I was greeted with this morning AUS_8668Sonnyphotosrefreshing :-) AUS_8570Sonnyphotosand even have a little friend come visit me AUS_8575Sonnyphotosnot alone AUS_8579Sonnyphotos AUS_8582Sonnyphotosand out of here AUS_8584SonnyphotosTallows, no one out, surf too big, does not look it from up here ( Byron Bay light house look out ) but yeah, too big, need jet ski to get out there AUS_8585SonnyphotosWatego's looking a bit calmer, but not really AUS_8588Sonnyphotosnice look at the back of the Pass point AUS_8601Sonnyphotossummer AUS_8606Sonnyphotoslook out up to the pass is an Island today with the high tide and big swell AUS_8609SonnyphotosPeople in the know will know what this is, and as you can see it is breaking way out from the pass, to those not familiar, that little rocky out crop is usually where one sits close to, to catch the waves AUS_8617Sonnyphotosbut today it is breaking way beyond that, and the sand has shifted so it is like a big hole there now, not good AUS_8619Sonnyphotosand then further down, breaking super wide, creating a huge sweep down to Clarke's and making it just impossible to paddle out. Watch many try and fail including myself earlier this afternoon. AUS_8625Sonnyphotosgo on, give us a good sunset AUS_8626Sonnyphotosnot quite AUS_8629Sonnyphotossome one paddled around from Wategos, can yo spot the surfer AUS_8632Sonnyphotos AUS_8645Sonnyphotos AUS_8646Sonnyphotosslow shutter speed AUS_8651Sonnyphotos

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