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Sonny's got a new Board that is getting a spray job

Courtesy of Nigel Annesley from Annesley surfboards

AUS_8979SonnyphotosSo now that we sprayed the board and let it dry, time to get out the diswashing liquid, say what ..... ? AUS_8983Sonnyphotosputting streak of detergent on the deck of the board AUS_8987SonnyphotosNigel, attention to detail, but would not want to surf this board with detergent all over it AUS_8992SonnyphotosSo why we doing this AUS_8995SonnyphotosWell, so we can now spray a dusting of black over the board AUS_8998Sonnyphotosand where the detergent sits, the black won;t go on the pink AUS_9000Sonnyphotosso it will look like this AUS_9002Sonnyphotosletting it dry in the sun again AUS_9005Sonnyphotosthen same again on the bottom, but running the detergent in opposite direction from the deck AUS_9010Sonnyphotosthis will look awesome AUS_9011Sonnyphotostime to spray some black AUS_9014Sonnyphotosloving it, gonna look awesome AUS_9016Sonnyphotosletting it paint dry again AUS_9020Sonnyphotosand then wash off detergent with water AUS_9021Sonnyphotos AUS_9022Sonnyphotos AUS_9030Sonnyphotosloving my new board, gonna look great AUS_9035Sonnyphotos AUS_9038SonnyphotosThanks Nigel

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