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Exmouth Western Australia, North West Cape Termite hills

Land, get luggage, get hire car, drive to hotel, check in, time to explore before sunset

AUS_9322sonnyphotosOn the road out from Exmouth heading to North West Cape and the lighthouse, and am straight away captivated by these termite hills AUS_9324sonnyphotosAnd their colour against the blue sky AUS_9341sonnyphotosphenomenal, as the earth here is a rich red, the termite hills are this rich red AUS_9336sonnyphotosAnd the landscape is littered with them AUS_9343sonnyphotosdriving north AUS_9344sonnyphotoscouple of surfers going out for a late afternoon session at Hunter's beach near the light house AUS_9352sonnyphotosdid not bring my board, as we are only here for 2 days and the surf forecast for tomorrow is ..flat, and as you can see, only just a remnant of swell left over AUS_9355sonnyphotosAustraliya ! AUS_9356sonnyphotosHave Kingswood ... will travel :-) AUS_9357sonnyphotoslovely clouds AUS_9362sonnyphotoswill make for a good sunset AUS_9364sonnyphotosdrive up to the light house AUS_9372sonnyphotosthen sit, wait and enjoy the scenery AUS_9378sonnyphotos AUS_9383sonnyphotos AUS_9389sonnyphotos AUS_9391sonnyphotos AUS_9392sonnyphotos AUS_9402sonnyphotos AUS_9403sonnyphotos

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