Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


The Big Prawn Exmouth Western Australia

aaaaah, an exoskeleton Don't get Jacqui near oneAUS_9412sonnyphotosJacqui loves prawns, to eat that is, and I have peeled many as she can not touch them, fear of exoskeleton  AUS_9415sonnyphotosand in the middle of Exmouth is a big one, just like Coffs Harbour has it's big Banana AUS_9416sonnyphotosExmouth has its big prawns AUS_9420sonnyphotosLot of Cyclones pass through this region, so here we have one of the "oldest " buildings AUS_9417sonnyphotosnot the prettiest building, but it is still standing AUS_9420sonnyphotoslocal RSL AUS_9423sonnyphotoswe head onto the beach side AUS_9424sonnyphotosand look at the water, just awesome AUS_9426sonnyphotos AUS_9428sonnyphotostime to hit the road

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