Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Perth > Exmouth

On our way to the North West, holidays !!!!

on a fokker :-) AUS_9260sonnyphotosGeraldton AUS_9261sonnyphotossand dunes near Buller ( not Buller the ski mountain from Victoria naturally ) AUS_9262sonnyphotosgoing up to Horrocks WA AUS_9264sonnyphotosno wind down there at the moment AUS_9268sonnyphotosoh my, we get to see shark bay on this flight, awesome, this is Hamelin pool with Francois Peron NAtional Park AUS_9269sonnyphotoslook at those colours AUS_9272sonnyphotosred earth, white cloud and blue water AUS_9274sonnyphotosnice AUS_9275sonnyphotosyou would have to turn of the highway near Carbla to get to this place AUS_9276sonnyphotoslooks awesome AUS_9277sonnyphotosand look at the reflection of the clouds at the top, must be just not a breadth of wind down there right now AUS_9284sonnyphotosstoked to be able to see this AUS_9289sonnyphotos AUS_9298sonnyphotosGascoyne river heading to Carnarvon on the coast AUS_9301sonnyphotosLake Macleod AUS_9305sonnyphotosThe famous Gnarloo surf spots of Red Bluff and tombstones AUS_9306sonnyphotossilver lining AUS_9307sonnyphotoswould love to surf there, but swell too small, and 6 hour drive or so from Exmouth AUS_9309sonnyphotoslooks calm from up here AUS_9310sonnyphotos AUS_9312sonnyphotosgoing into to land

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